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Renovation Plan For Your House

In principle, there are two types of renovation. On the one hand, there is the annual wear and tear, which you regularly have to deal with. Some examples are: a new roof, renewing the electricity or having the boiler replaced. These are renovations that cannot be ignored. There are also renovations that you carry out […]

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Seven Tips for Your House Renovation

Building is a life-event and can cause a lot of stress. Usually you start out in good spirits, but as the weeks or months go by you often notice that you become less flexible. Fatigue, living in the mess, setbacks, it’s all part of the job. With these seven tips you will make sure that […]

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How to Design a Perfect Bedroom

The bedroom is a place where you need to relax, it is one of the most important rooms in the house. When designing and decorating it is therefore important to bring as much balance as possible in the interior. Here are some basic tips for your bedroom furnishings for a successful whole perfect bedroom. STEP […]

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Home Construction: Extension Tips

Has your house become too small or would you just like an extra space? Placing an extension to your home is the perfect solution! In principle, you stick a new building to the existing house. There are numerous options for adding an extension, both in terms of materials and furnishings. We list the popular forms […]

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Features and Tips for a Minimalistic Design

The Zen style is all about peace, space, light and relaxation. But also comfort and a modest form of luxury should not be missed in a Zen interior. By using as few (visible) elements as possible, the mind is stimulated as little as possible so that it can come to rest. Very pleasant after a […]

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Tips for Kitchen Renovation and Restyling

As interior trends are constantly changing, your kitchen may look outdated after a few years. Buying a new kitchen if it is still in good condition would be a shame. In that case you can choose to renovate or restyle the kitchen. With a few clever tricks you can make the centre of your house […]

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