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รับ ออกแบบ ภูมิ ทัศน์ รับจัดสวน รับตกแต่งสวน ออกแบบและจัดสวน จัดสวนในบ้านและที่ทำงาน Bangkok Landscape Design
รับ ออกแบบ ภูมิ ทัศน์ รับจัดสวน รับตกแต่งสวน ออกแบบและจัดสวน จัดสวนในบ้านและที่ทำงาน Bangkok Landscape Design

Landscape Architects

Holistic Way

Landscape design is not a licensed profession, but it is a sub-category of sub-professional or licensed design. Landscape design focuses on analyzing, planning and designing exterior living areas while integrating various elements, including things found in the surrounding environments, into the design. The integration of earth elements and natural landscapes within the built environment is a constant challenge for city planners and developers. Thus, all our landscape designers have experience in incorporating important elements in the design to help reduce pollution and heat in communities. It is becoming all the more popular to use public outdoor spaces in this way by incorporating shared public gardens that showcase native plants into city designs. More and more building renovations now include garden design plans and place emphasis on creating beautiful spaces around the buildings as much as within the buildings that can complement the architecture. This has created an increased demand for landscape designers as more renovators and city planners are realizing the value of the inclusion of gardens and landscapes in their projects. The face of the professional world as a whole is moving away from strictly corporate ideals. The demand for holistic design projects, sustainable landscaping projects, and innovative landscaping ideas is on the rise.
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Landscape Design

Environmental benefits

The activities of a landscape architect can range from the creation of public parks and parkways to site planning for campuses and corporate office parks. The most valuable contribution can be made at the first stage of a project to generate ideas with technical understanding and creative flair for the design, organization, and use of spaces. The majority of their time will most likely be spent inside an office building, designing and preparing models for clients. Landscape architects work on structures and external spaces in the landscape aspect of the design – large or small, urban, suburban and rural, and with "hard" (built) and "soft" (planted) materials, while integrating ecological sustainability. Environmental design is an essential part of what landscaping architects do. This helps to successfully integrate building plans with outdoor spaces in a way that complements both elements and creates harmony between buildings and landscapes. Furthermore, landscape designers have the opportunity to design and implement garden plans with indigenous plants and plant life, thus furthermore preserving the environment and promoting sustainability that goes hand in hand with architecture. Due to the increased demand for sustainability, the inclusion of gardens by landscape designers within a landscape design has the potential to increase the appeal and value of a house, corporate property, or other architectural projects. This is absolutely the beginning of a new era where grass, and garden projects with a focus on sustainability are the ideas and projects that consumers are expecting from landscape design. Landscape architecture is on the rise and people want to create landscape and garden plans as part of their building project on their property.
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Preserving Nature

Garden Experience

Through landscape architecture, people can live in a site or area where plants and trees are more visible and where architects value the relationships between nature, climate and the impact of these aspects on the health of the people. Landscape architects also have a goal of helping a variety of places regenerate from pollution by introducing biodiversity into a design concept. One great example is Westergasfabriek Park in Amsterdam. The reality of modern life is that most people work indoors and get too little exercise and not nearly enough fresh air. This has been shown to have a negative impact on employee health and wellness, thus, it has become the concern of the conscientious company to provide their employees with some solutions to this problem. A step in the right direction for these companies is to incorporate nature and the garden experience into their 'backyard' so to speak. Making use of landscape designers to incorporate garden designs into the outdoor space available to the company is a brilliant solution. Landscape designers can use their technical expertise to incorporate the physical landscape, plants, water features, flowers, trees, and several other garden and lawn elements to create a peaceful space for employees to relax and enjoy nature during their breaks. Landscape architecture is an important part of the future of a sustainably created project that is respectful of the environment and uses gardens designed by conscientious designers to help preserve and improve the environment.

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    What does a landscape architect do?

    Landscape architects create attractive and functional public parks, gardens, playgrounds, residential areas, college campuses and any public spaces.

    Landscape architects are also responsible for planning the locations of buildings, roads, walkways and all other structures within the environment.

    They can incorporate a number of elements into a landscape design, such as a swimming pool, native grasses, a fire pit, native plants, flowers, lawn style, etc. They can also incorporate their designs in a backyard, front yard, or patio setting. Although they mostly work on large-scale projects there is no reason that landscape designers cannot help with the design of your personal house, yard, and garden as well.

    What is the difference between garden designers and landscape designers?

    Simply put, the difference is that a landscape designer has a degree from a licensed university. They often work both with the soft elements (plants, soil, etc.) and hardscape (concrete, stone, etc.). Garden designers, on the other hand, do not need to have a degree in order to call themselves garden designers. They often work on smaller projects, not necessarily corporate, but can take on corporate work if they have enough experience and drive. They also usually require additional training before attempting to work with hardscape, ordinarily, they predominantly work with softscape only.

    While it is common for landscape designers to refer to themselves interchangeably as a landscape or garden designer, a garden designer will not be able to use the terms interchangeably as they do not have the necessary qualification to be called a landscape designer.

    When should a landscape architect be used?

    In a nutshell, landscape architects can help you make extensive outdoor improvements. For example, if you have a two-acre plot of land and you don't know what to do with it, landscape architects can help you maximize that space.

    If you are concerned about the climate and want to do your part to make sure that your house and garden is filled with attractive outdoor spaces where indigenous plants can thrive and sustainable materials can be incorporated into your yard or patio design, a landscape designer is the perfect choice of professional for the job.

    What should I expect from a landscape designer?

    Typically, a landscape designer will work on a concept to go over with you during your first meeting. This initial proposal will include the overall layout and flow of beds in your garden or patio. It will also include their idea of the placement of trees, shrubs and perennials.

    How can I select the best designer for the job?

    When trying to decide on which designer to use for your garden project it is best to take a look at two things. Firstly, you would want to see the designer portfolio so that you can get an idea of the type of garden that this specific designer works best on. You would also want to look at customer reviews of different designers. If designers cannot produce reviews or feedback for their garden work then it might be best to investigate other designers instead.

    Landscape architecture requires a certain level of skill and expertise, so when trying to find the best possible designers for your garden project you want to make sure that you have considered all the candidates thoroughly.

    How do you plan a restaurant layout?

    When planning your restaurant layout, first think about creating establishments that have an inviting effect. This will help you in designing a plan that supports your workflow and solidifies your brand.

    When the first step is done, consider several factors and details to incorporate into your plan, including outlining each working area in the restaurant, considering seating capacity, giving sufficient lighting, designing restrooms and laying out your kitchen and bars.

    If your location includes an outdoor or garden space you would also need to consult with a landscape designer. It is highly advised to make enquiries in order to ensure that you hire professional landscape designers who will provide you with the best landscape design for your garden. Ideally, the landscaping around your restaurant will complement the interior and the architecture of the property and will bring together innovative ideas at various levels to provide you with a design that will be inviting and complimentary of your professional needs.

    What is Thai interior design?

    Traditional Thai design incorporates the use of geometric patterns and patterns inspired by nature on a space's walls and decor. A modern Thai style typically doesn't use patterns and focuses on creating clean lines, space and calm.