Dining Room Experience
Hospitality and Service

Dining Room Experience
Hospitality and Service

Great dining is not just about the food served or the design elements inside the dining area. A great dining experience should start with the goal of providing great customer service. 

One easy way to do this is by anticipating the needs of your clients and making sure these are met 100 percent. This includes knowing when your guests need more water or sauce, making sure their chairs are meeting the comfort levels and the decor isn’t getting in the way of their food, vision or the path to their tables and seats. 

Great hospitality also depends on whether you can make the people walking through your restaurants or cafes leave with good memories. For example, if you are hiring someone to work for your restaurant, make sure you get someone with the same love of food. Here at Delcoi, our team shares the same passion for food as our clients. We know how to be creative in making your diners feel comfortable without putting a lot of distraction in their environment. 

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Fine Dining In Bangkok

Unique Restaurant Experience

Contrary to what many believe, fine dining is about more than just the food on the plate. It's also about the inspiration behind the dish and the appeal. There are plenty of ways to create a fine-dining experience in your restaurant without breaking the bank. One is by taking a cue from your location. For example, if your restaurant is located near a museum or an area in Bangkok where street food is prominent, you could add a few interior and exterior quirks to reflect these themes and help tie your restaurant to these factors. Our interior designers can create architecture and spaces that feature an interior design seen in no other dining restaurants or restaurant setting while catering to the needs and tastes of your patrons.
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Spencer Davis Jz2lhahy2zi Unsplash

Fast-Food Restaurants

Eye-catching Design

Fast-food restaurants have been popping out of the blue in recent years. This makes it harder for a new restaurant to become more striking. This is where our team comes in. With our help, we can rethink your spaces inside and out and combine them with design interventions to make your space look and feel more modern and unique. We can also redesign your seating area and server stations to make them more accessible to customers in a rush, making you one of the best go-to restaurants for people looking to get to work or eating in a snap. Are you looking to raise brand awareness? We can help you incorporate different colors and materials, such as glass or timber, to create your desired theme and ambiance without compromising beauty or increasing your prices to meet the decorating needs of your establishment.
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Jason Leung Poi7delfiva Unsplash

Restaurant Design And Layout

Quick and Efficient

A gorgeous, breathtaking space that diners flock to is every restaurant owner's dream. While many believe pretty interiors attract customers through the doors, it's only the tip of the iceberg. Some of the most important elements of restaurant interior architecture, in fact, are meant to go unnoticed. The most important element of restaurant interior design is the narrative. What's the concept or story behind the restaurant interior design? How does each detail play its part in contributing to the brand of the restaurant? Another important element in restaurant interior design is the operations. Even if your interior looks sleek and beautiful, if the floor plan doesn't allow servers to get to tables quickly, or customers from comfortably sitting next to each other, the interior design won't matter.

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    What does a restaurant interior designer do?

    Creating a functional safe and aesthetically pleasing spaces by assessing space requirements, determining optimal furniture placement and selecting decorative items while complying with the requirements in the architecture blueprint, building code and inspection laws is the primary function of interior designers of restaurants. They design projects with these responsibilities, in addition, select the fixtures (like bar tables and chairs) and accessories that will put personality, style and character to the restaurant.

    How much does a restaurant designer cost?

    Interior designers fees are by the hour charges, ranging from $50 to $500 per hour. The average fees interior designers charge is $45 per hour.

    How do restaurants make interior design?

    The interior design of restaurants is planned and created by interior designers specializing on restaurants. They develop a project plan with one or more options for the owner or clients to choose that would carry their firm or brand's images. With the design created, the designers incorporate the other elements like the entrance, the lighting fixtures, colors, and other items necessary.

    What is restaurant design psychology?

    Restaurant design psychology is when the designers get creative in the set-up from the floor presentation to how/where to serve food course, coffee, other drink choices that all these will encourage clientele to return. Choosing natural materials or other material from furnishings to accessories to food and drink servings that will present sophistication and gustatory delights are considered by the interior designers. Color, music, ambience have a notable effect on appetite and that is a challenge that is fulfilled by psychology in restaurant design.

    How do you design a restaurant interior?

    Besides having a great menu, the aesthetics and the decor used in the interior of a space should also be taken into consideration. Certain factors, such as developing a layout plan, creating a stunning entrance and making sure that your restaurant interior has sufficient lighting can go a long way in influencing the atmosphere inside the space and encouraging a client to come in.

    What are the 7 elements of interior design?

    There are seven things that interior designers use to bring harmony and functionality into the architecture and design of a room. These include space, line, form, lighting, color, texture and pattern.

    Why is it important to have a bar layout in a restaurant?

    A well-designed bar will eventually pay for itself. Various studies showed that efficient bar layouts help boost the morale of your bartender who has enough space to work and prepare drinks.

    How much is a restaurant interior designer?

    Most 3,000-square-foot restaurant projects can cost anywhere between $25,000 to $100,000 to design. For a project that requires building the place from the ground to walls, to the roof, you can expect to spend between $250,000 and $1 million.

    How can I design my restaurant?

    There are plenty of ways to design a restaurant and elevate the experiences of your customers. Something to always remember when designing a restaurant is that ambience and comfort work well with delicious food & fine wine and great customer service. When designing, you should also keep your branding, cuisine and any art trends closely related to your restaurant in mind.

    How do you plan a restaurant layout?

    When planning your restaurant layout, first think about creating establishments that have an inviting effect. This will help you in designing a plan that supports your workflow and solidifies your brand.

    When the first step is done, consider several factors and details to incorporate into your plan, including outlining each working area in the restaurant, considering seating capacity, giving sufficient lighting, designing restrooms and laying out your kitchen and bars.

    What makes a good restaurant design?

    The concept, design and style of your restaurant should have a balance point of giving a welcoming ambiance and maximizing seating capacity without making it feel suffocating. Additionally, planning how to cultivate a relaxing mood through art and lighting would help propel your restaurant to the top of everyone's future list.

    What are the main areas of a restaurant?

    The seven main areas of a restaurant include the seating area, kitchen, bar (wine & drinks), restrooms, outdoor design, waiting area and coat check. Depending on the theme of the restaurant, a coat check may not be necessary.

    How important is a restaurant layout?

    The efficiency of your layout will help in boosting your restaurant operations. Planning how to place your seats and where to place your server stations can improve the circulation and movement inside the restaurant, which ensures that your staff can get to a customer fast.

    What is Thai interior design?

    Traditional Thai design incorporates the use of geometric patterns and patterns inspired by nature on walls and decor. A modern Thai style typically doesn't use patterns and focuses on creating clean lines, inspired by space and calm.