Condo Interior Design Ideas

Condo Interior Design

Ideas For Condominiums

Are you planning on opening up a small room in your condominium? Are you looking to get more natural light in a larger room? Condo interior design involves the process of customizing your living space to make it more functional and comfortable. You may consider updating several rooms in your place, including the bathroom, bedroom and living room to respond to your growing needs. Our team of interior designers can help you come up with condo interior design ideas that could help you create an illusion of wide floor space and bring in more natural light without compromising function, storage and budget.
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Living Room Design

Design of Your Choice

Your living room should provide an ideal level of functional comfort. This is an important room in every home as it's where families spend the most time together. Your living room, in other words, should give you a sense of relief and security. It should also serve as your sanctuary from daily stressors... a quiet place in look and feel. Whether you're looking for a more simplistic design or an elegant room, we'll help you achieve the perfect balance between style and 'home.' When setting up your living spaces, one thing to be mindful of is to use multi-functional furniture. This could range from a convertible sofa bed to help conserve space, a pop-up trundle to give guests a place to sleep in or a compact coffee table that could also serve as a magazine rack and a dinner TV tray.
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Accent Wall Design

Reflect Your Lifestyle

An accent wall is a great way to tie together the color scheme and different designs in a home. It also adds a very subtle depth to your walls. With the right design, your wall space could become a centerpiece that draws your guests inside your home. Another way to boost your condo interior design is by installing accent lighting. This element is used to bring together the theme and make the space feel and look complete. These elements may include wall sconces, floodlights, recessed lights or tracking lighting. Many pieces of decor tend to go out of style after months. However, accent pieces can make the perfect decoration all year round. This means you won't have to worry about being "out of trend."
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Bedroom Design

Comfortable Design

A bedroom serves as a personal quarter, which means the designs should feature a calming and relaxing element. In most condominiums, bedrooms have very limited space. A bedroom could benefit from hide-away beds and space-saving furnishing that could give you comfort, storage and style. One of the best perks that come with owning a condo room is that it has a spacious feel to it. While it can be limited in floor space, it is also easy to convert the room to an open-plan space. If you're working from home and you want to get the job done in your bedroom, you can also invest in multi-purpose furniture, such as a shelf that you can break down to separate pieces to form a table and chairs.

5 Design Ideas To Make Condo Interiors Feel Much Bigger

Unlike a typical home, condos often offer very constrained areas, which means you’ll have to find ways to make it more comfortable and bigger despite the limited space. Here are some helpful tips to make a compact condo feel bigger than it is.


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Living Room

When setting up your living room, having multi-functional furniture can help you conserve space and remove any unnecessary clutters in your condo interior design. Using multi-functional furnishings, such as a convertible sofa bed, can also serve as an additional bed for guests visiting your home.

If you have an open floor plan that connects your kitchen to your living room, you can also consider investing in kitchen appliances that feature multi-functionality. A great example of this includes a KitchenAid Stand Mixer, which can function as a pasta maker or a food processor. Another example is the Instant Pot, which can function as a pressure cooker, rice cooker, yogurt maker and steamer.

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If you’re dealing with very limited space in your condominium, investing in hide-away beds can be of great benefit without affecting your condo interior design. Hide-away beds, often called Murphy beds, can be laid down when used and tucked up when not, making it the perfect solution to conserving space.

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If there’s anything Bangkok interior design experts agree on, it’s that shelves help create a clutter-free interior. Floating or hanging shelves are great for a home as it has less bulk than regular shelves. It also adds a lot of storage space while giving the room a sleek and contemporary look.

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A wooden floor and vanity can give any bathroom a warm feeling, especially when paired with windows to allow natural lighting into the room. The sunlight can help accentuate the beauty of the designs and furniture you have in the room.

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Paint is another way for you to broaden the space of your condo without spending too much money. Soft and vibrant colors on the wall can create a welcoming experience for guests. Many also paint their ceiling a darker shade to make condominium rooms appear taller. Windows can also help create the impression of height.

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    What are one-room apartments or condos called?

    In most countries, apartments or condominiums that only have one room is called a studio apartment. In the United Kingdom, this type of room is known as a studio flat.

    Typically, these types of living spaces consist of one large room with the living, dining and bedroom area combined.

    How do you layout a condo?

    You can start by giving your condo a larger look with separate living areas, with varying square-foot measurements per section. Or, paint your walls a different color, bold and bright. If you are not allowed to paint the walls, you can use removable wallpaper. This is easy to install and can spruce up your boring wall to become interesting without denting your pocket.

    You can also get ideas from boutique hotel rooms, like put trendy features and decorations, maybe some pieces of retro furniture too, with high thread count linens on your bed and sofa cushions.

    How do you customize a condo?

    You can customize your condo, definitely! First, it is yours so you can do with it as you please. You can choose the furniture and fixtures that speak of your personality. If you're a nature lover, you can fill your spaces with plants, big and small, on the windowsill, on table tops, big pots on the floor, etc. If you like art, you can have art pieces on your walls, or sculptures as center pieces on your living room center table. You can put tapestries and other decorations, even your lighting fixtures that are so you.

    How do you decorate a condo unit?

    First of all, you make a plan and a budget to suit that plan. Then choose the pieces all over your house according to your planned "look" of your condo - retro, country, contemporary minimalist, artsy, etc.

    How do I make my condo look modern?

    Whether you're looking to get a higher selling price for your condominium or just want to impress friends, one thing you have to remember is renovations don't have to be expensive. We'll go over some of the most affordable condo design ideas below this section.

    How do I style my condo?

    Decorating condos in Bangkok can be tricky because there is less space to design. However, you can get inspiration from any photo you see online. Our designers can help you make your design ideas come true.

    How do you design a condo interior?

    In reality, your condo interior design idea can be everything you want it to be. It can include a variety of wallpaper, plants, cabinets, greens and lighting. We included some tips that you can do below this section. These tips are often found in homes that a home design magazine features.

    What condo interior decor is in for 2021?

    Experts suggest the trend in 2021 includes kitchen islands, wall cabinets or base cabinets painted in daring colors, such as dark red, bright yellow or navy blue.

    How to pick the perfect area rug for your room?

    Finding the perfect area rug is not an easy task, especially because there are unlimited options available. One secret that many experts follow is "scale, style and function."

    How do you maximize space in a small condo?

    To maximize the available space, you need to pick your furnishings wisely. If you find you have too much furniture, it's a good idea to have a clear out before you move in. Also, try to resist the temptation to fill small spaces with junk. Always consider your overall interior design to keep things balanced. 

    How much does it cost to decorate or renovate an apartment or condo?

    The overall spending for decorating or renovating a home can vary widely, depending on the materials and furniture used. On average, your first furnishing can cost up to 100,000THB.

    How do you save space with furnishings?

    Flexible furniture helps keep the cost of interior design low. A sleeper couch, fold-away dining table, and a moveable kitchen island are among the many good options. Choose pieces that are adjustable or can move around. Choose furniture that you want to live with less in an apartment. 

    How do you add color to your condo design?

    Use decorative items (i.e. rugs, vases, cushions) to "color code" your condo's living environment. Decorating the interior of the property in a subtle ‘color hue” of your choice can also elevate your condo design.