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Delcoi client
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A team of experts in interior design & project management, we are a firm in Bangkok that caters to commercial, residential and corporate projects, a firm that strives to transmute interior design and the way that it's perceived. Our process entails the direct involvement of our clients from the very beginning, to ensure that their vision and our experience, collectively deliver none other than perfection. From concept to construction, at the most remarkable quality.

Schematic Design

Brief Formulation

Furniture Layouts

Concept Formulation

Budget Formulation

Design Development

Concept Development 

Mood/Material Board 

3D Interior Design Rendering 

Budget Formulation

Systems & Accessories

Electrical System 

Air Conditioning System 

Plumbing System 

Floor, Wall, Partition 

Interior Furnishing 

Security System

Contract Documentation

Construction Drawings 

Project Specification

 Bill of Quantity (BOQ)

Renovation Projects

Looking to renovate? Our Bangkok team offers building and renovation services including interior renovation for your home or business. Whether it be a house, condo, apartment, commercial or retail space, we have the right contemporary interior solution for you.



We design contemporary spaces for the home and garden, buildings, commercial and hospitality projects in Bangkok, Thailand. Our unique design styles and interior decoration concepts are crafted to embody our client's style and specific needs. We design more than interiors- we design atmospheres.

We believe that interior design is the act of creating an atmosphere around our clients’ identities, how they live their lives in their current space, and how they would like to live their lives in their future ideal space.

Our interior design team in Bangkok is able to cover the project – be it residential, commercial, or an office – from the very beginning until the last piece of furniture is in place, and all documentation is finalized. Our services include rendering your final interior design concept in 3D to give you the best impression of what the space will eventually look like.

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The experience and skill required to navigate these services in a major city like Bangkok are essential to our success. Our process ensures that each of our interior design services is introduced at the perfect time, from the moment we formulate the concept and layout, until the construction and furnishing phase are finalized.

At the beginning of our interior design process, we carefully consider beauty, functionality, and inspiration. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, our team strives to make the most out of any given space, and transform it into an elegant work of art.

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Interior Design

What is interior design?

It is all about improving the aesthetics of interiors of buildings, houses, and other types of places to create a better environment for users of the spaces.

What does an interior designer do?

An interior designer or interior design services ensure the safety, functionality, and beauty of every type of building. Interior designers create a perfect combination of decorative and quality items such as materials, furniture, colors, and lightings to create better interiors.

What is a green interior design?

Green interior designs are eco-friendly interior design styles that focus on creating the least impact on the environment. It can involve air quality improvements and choosing environment-friendly furniture.

Why interior design matters?

It is a big and expensive investment to restyle your home. Limited budgets, cost of mistakes, deadlines and many other factors can cause frustration. A professional's help can bring you solutions and make sure your project is successful.

Construction & Renovation

What is the meaning of construction?

Construction is considered the process of building or making something that is put together. That includes design plans for homes, spaces and businesses.

Why are renovations so expensive?

There are many factors that can impact the price of your renovation project. These can be labor costs, the use of quality materials, furniture or products, design works etc.

What is the first thing to do when renovating?

Searching for styles you like, seeing what needs to be renovated, and providing the budget estimation you have are the important steps to take before approaching a designer.

How much do interior designers charge?

The cost of the whole project depends on many things; from floor plans to furniture design.


Do I need a designer or an architect?

If you are building your home from scratch, you may want to hire an architect. If you want to make changes inside of your home, it is possible that you need to look for an interior designer Bangkok.

How to find your decorating style?

Before approaching the designer, you should do some research on houses and interior design in Bangkok. Think about how you want to feel in that room or space then take it from there.

What are the services of an interior designer?

Planning, drawing the design, processing details, choosing furniture, and helping with the preconstruction process are services provided by an interior designer.

How to pick an interior designer?

Choose a designer whose work matches your desired style. Try to approach and communicate with them. Finally, pick the one who understands your needs the best. What are the services of an interior designer?