Improving Life Quality



Improving House Quality

Delcoi is a home renovation business in Bangkok with interior designers known for their fine craftsmanship, quality of workmanship, and innovative house renovation approach. We will make your home more functional and more energy-efficient and eco-sustainable. Delcoi designers will add more space, make it more functional, and get the best value for your money. Our customers can expect a terrific added benefit to their completed house or property. Delcoi interior design expert's services include custom additions, custom construction, and building from scratch. For families, their Bangkok home functions as a safe space. This is where most clients spend their time and accomplish major milestones in life. By having professionals renovate a home, families can improve the design of their homes and prioritize things that provide utmost comfort and safety. They can also incorporate their design ideas into the remodeling projects, which may help architects and home renovation specialists improve the quality of life provided in their homes.
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Remodeling Work

Are you planning on opening up a small room in your condominium? Are you looking to get more natural light in a larger room? Condominiums renovation and interior design services involve the process of customizing and renovating your living space to make it more functional and comfortable. You may consider updating several rooms in your place, including the bathroom, bedroom, and living room to respond to your growing needs. Our team of English-speaking interior designers does our utmost to meet our customer satisfaction. We can help you come up with condo interior design ideas that could help you create an illusion of wide floor space and bring in more natural light without compromising function, storage and budget.

Expanding Spaces Through Renovation

When it comes to kitchen designs, there is more to consider than what meets the eye. Besides color schemes and work surfaces, you also have to consider the position of your appliances and tools to make sure that the space is functional and meets your needs. In most small apartments, condos and homes, there is often very little space. Here at Delcoi, our design team in Bangkok, Thailand specializes in renovation services, we can help you maximize storage and efficiency in a limited area to make it a place where you can enjoy cooking. Even a small makeover project may change the look of your cooking area immensely. This is perhaps the busiest space in a house. From the coffee you whip up to the last glass of water you sip every night, it remains at the center of your home. The design also needs a breath of fresh air and some great care, or simply a coat of fresh painting. Even smaller makeovers can be done in a small part or a paint job. In order to thoroughly enjoy your finished remodeling, ditch your 25-year-old refrigerator and opt for a stylish sleek one that matches the theme of your cooking space. You might find the memories of the old room coming back if you stick with old electronics. The latest appliances or the new finishes are not only more efficient, but they are also more "beautiful" to look at.
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Boosting Customer Experience

Apart from customer care and service, the shop design is one of the elements that help attract clients. The retail design focuses on creating a place that has a cohesive and functional design for clients. To do this, retail designers would have to consider how customers interact with the business or something inside a shop. This could include the display on the walls and the counter. Skilled designers with expertise would also include brand-specific elements, such as signage, wayfinding, lighting, furniture, and even an homage or references to the brand's history. If you have a small area for your shop, it's important to be very strategic about how you design the interiors from top to bottom. This means thinking about the types of display and installation you'll want, where you'll store your china or sneakers or anything you're selling, and even whether you want product racks hanging from the walls or ceilings.
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    What is a general contractor?

    A general contractor is a party with the responsibility to oversee a construction project and who enters into the prime contract with the property owner.

    How much do house renovation and condo renovation services cost in Bangkok, Thailand?

    Basic prices of Bangkok condo renovation in Thailand can start at approximately 15,000 baht per sqm and easily rise to 20,000 Baht per sqm. So much depends on the project size, the quality of materials, and also what is included and being done. It is important to plan your budget with your contractor in advance. Some condo renovation projects rise to 25,000 to 30,000 Baht per sqm.

    How much do home and condo renovation and interior design services cost in Bangkok, Thailand?

    Basic prices of Bangkok condo renovation in Thailand can start at approximately 15,000 baht per sqm and easily rise to 20,000 Baht per sqm. So much depends on the renovation project, the interior design drawings, the quality of materials, and what is included and being done. Some condo renovation projects rise to 25,000 to 30,000 Baht per sqm. It is important to plan your budget with your contractor in advance. Contact us for a free quotation.

    What's the difference between a Bangkok, Thailand builder and a contractor?

    They offer different services. A general contractor is a project manager, someone who manages a team of subcontractors. A builder is highly regarded in building and construction works. They specialize in building custom houses and building other construction projects. They are able to finish construction jobs from the planning process to the completion all on their own.

    Why do you need a Bangkok renovation service to renovate your home or condo?

    After spending years living inside your condo or house in Bangkok or anywhere, it most likely has some parts in the interior that are broken, such as floor tiles, painting, plumbing, or an air conditioning system. Some also may want to add fancy aspects to their living space. Hiring excellent quality service from a contractor, architect, or interior designer to masterfully turn your Bangkok house or condo into a new home can solve these issues as well as improve the quality, extend a room or redesign an area in your house.