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When it comes to kitchen designs, there is more to consider than what meets the eye. Besides color schemes and work surfaces, you also have to consider the position of your kitchen appliances and tools to make sure that the space is functional and meets your needs. In most small apartments, condos and homes, there is often very little kitchen space. Here at Delcoi, our design team specializes in maximizing storage and efficiency in a limited area to make kitchen a place where you can enjoy cooking.
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Kitchen Elements Design

A Taste From Home

Having a deep understanding of basic interior elements helps create a home kitchen that ticks all the boxes for beauty and functionality. Being the hub of the household, a kitchen's elements should include concepts and tools that you can utilize, such as space, line, form and color. With the help of Delcoi designers, your place will become a kitchen fit for a chef and would provide you flexibility and some self-sufficiency.
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Kitchen Furniture Ideas

Product Solutions To Lack Of Space

While we all dream of having a spacious kitchen, most homes have small kitchens. However, even small spaces can become an area that sets the standard for other kitchens. In reality, choosing the right small-space solutions and design ideas could transform a dull kitchen into a five-star space. There is a wide range of furniture that you can use to maximize places to store items in while leaving plenty of room in your home kitchen for you and your friend to hang out in.
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Kitchen Layout Design Service Thailand

Designing Kitchens Your Way

When designing or renovating kitchens, many first consider aesthetic features or the style of the room. However, deciding on the layout of your kitchen will help address a family's needs. There are six main kitchen layouts that can be seen in many homes in Bangkok. this includes U-shaped, L-shaped, Galley, Island, Peninsula and Two Island. Each of the layouts addresses different needs for space and storage, as well as function.
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    What does my Thailand home kitchen designer need to know?

    If you're looking for interior designers, it would pay to first find inspiration for what you want for your kitchen. Spend some time exploring magazines or online sites.

    Before launching the project, your designer also needs to know how much space you need in the room and how you plan to use it. Will you only cook in it or would you also dine in it? Would you entertain your guests in the room?

    Are white cabinets going out of style?

    While an all-white kitchen design is irreplaceable, designers in Bangkok, Thailand, and anywhere else in the world agree that it's a trend that's losing favor. It's not preferred to select natural wood tones and a splash of color to create a statement wall that can quickly capture the attention and vision of your guests.

    Can you put an island in a small kitchen?

    Adding an island may seem counterintuitive, especially in kitchens where there is not much floor space. An island should measure at least 2 feet long for it to be useful. If you don't have enough space to allow this, consider getting movable furniture, such as a butcher block station or a simple table.

    How much does remodeling a kitchen cost?

    The average kitchen remodel price is estimated to be between $12,000 to $34,000. However, remodeling small kitchens can cost as little as $4000.

    Do you need an architect to remodel kitchens?

    In Bangkok, the need for an architect depends on the scope of the remodeling project and the intended outcome of the design. Small projects, such as adding in new furniture, glass window or tearing down a non-bearing wall typically don't require architects.

    What should you never forget when designing kitchens?

    One of the most important factors that you should not forget when designing kitchens is circulation space to avoid making the place feel cramped. You should also consider the workflow, which prevents you from running back and forth between different parts of the area.

    How do you make kitchens look bigger?

    Careful manipulation of color and lighting can completely expand your kitchen and make it appear larger than it actually is. If you have a small kitchen, white and neutral paint colors can reflect light and make walls "recede." You can also pair this design with an accent wall that has a deeper color than all others in the same place.

    Why do you need to hire a kitchen designer?

    Hiring a person who is an expert in kitchen design can save you money on the total cost of the remodel. Our designer can also help you bring your vision to reality.

    What is the most functional among kitchen layouts?

    The L-shaped kitchen is one of the most popular layouts because it can be adapted in almost any sized area. This type of arrangement features appliances and drawer along two adjacent walls. Unlike galley kitchens, an L-shaped area rarely requires cooks to walk through the space for things they need, which is a reason why designers recommend this. This style can also be further optimized with a central island and doors leading out to other areas of the home.

    Can interior designers design kitchens?

    Interior designers and kitchen designers both offer kitchen designing and remodeling services. Interior and architecture firms, such as Delcoi, also have team members capable of creating high-quality kitchen designs and perform other necessary services to revamp your cooking area.