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Introduction to Outdoor Facilities, Flooring, & Equipment
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Outdoor fitness facilities

Outdoor fitness combines physical activities with natural settings such as public parks, beaches, and trails, promoting both physical and mental health. Embracing fresh air, sunlight, and diverse landscapes, you can engage in activities like running, hiking, cycling, yoga, and group sports to improve your health and fitness. Moreover, outdoor fitness facilities also offer dedicated spaces within public areas that feature equipment designed for outdoor exercise. These facilities provide a variety of stations for strength training, cardio workouts, and flexibility exercises, catering to a wide range of preferences and abilities.

Outdoor fitness facilities also offer a cost-effective and accessible option for community members of all ages. By combining the natural environment with purpose-built amenities, outdoor fitness, and its facilities provide a unique and engaging experience that encourages everybody to stay active, have a great workout, connect with nature, and gain more health benefits.

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Tennis Courts

Tennis courts provide an ideal space for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. To make the experience better, we offer various tennis court accessories, such as tennis backboards, which allow players to practice with a sturdy surface.

Another important aspect of tennis courts is the type of surface they are built on. Here at Delcoi, we offer flooring solutions that will make your outdoor tennis courts more effective.

See some of our flooring systems for tennis courts here:

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Topclay and Topsand clay courts offer players a unique, traditional playing experience. These clay courts require regular maintenance but are known for providing a slower-paced game, allowing for longer rallies and more strategic play.

As for extreme turf synthetic grass, it is another popular option for tennis court surfaces. This artificial grass provides a consistent playing surface with excellent ball bounce and reduced risk of injury due to its softer nature. Synthetic grass courts are low-maintenance and offer an all-weather solution, making them ideal for various climates and outdoor areas like outdoor gyms or tennis courts.

As for acrylic flooring, it is known for its durability, evenness, and ability to provide a medium-paced game. This type of surface can be customized in terms of color and texture, and it offers excellent traction and consistent ball bounce, contributing to a high-quality playing experience.

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Landscape and sports facilities such as playgrounds, golf courses, hockey fields, lawn bowls, and pool surrounds

Landscape and sports facilities such as playgrounds, golf courses, hockey fields, lawn bowls, and pool surrounds require durable flooring and track systems to ensure optimal performance and safety.

Various options are available for an outdoor fitness space. These diverse flooring and track systems accommodate various outdoor sports and recreational facilities, prioritizing functionality, safety, and physical health improvement.

Here are some of the flooring systems we offer:

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Act Global Turfscape Synthetic Grass For Landscape Golf


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Seara Completes Asias 1st Act Global Non Rubber Infill Synthetic Turf Pitch 2


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Our track systems for outdoor fitness areas:

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Rephouse Decoflex T14 Spray Coat Track System 2


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Outdoor Fitness Areas

The outdoor environment plays an important role in an active lifestyle. Outdoor fitness areas integrate nature and purpose-built amenities like outdoor gym equipment, outdoor fitness spaces, or any other fitness equipment, fostering a strong connection with the natural environment and encouraging people to lead more active and healthy lifestyles. Outdoor fitness systems with dedicated workout stations, tennis courts, multi-purpose courts, and diverse track systems allow people to hone their abilities and can bring communities together. The use of innovative flooring systems and surfaces ensures the durability, safety, and optimal performance of these outdoor spaces, creating a welcoming environment for community members of all ages. As more people recognize the benefits of outdoor fitness or having an outdoor gym, these areas will help to create a healthier, happier society that prioritizes well-being and sustainable living.

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    What are some popular outdoor fitness activities?

    Running, hiking, working out at an outdoor gym, cycling, yoga, and group sports are popular outdoor fitness activities.

    What are the benefits of outdoor fitness?

    Outdoor fitness improves physical and mental health. Outdoor fitness parks encourage a connection with nature and offer different exercises to suit everybody's needs and abilities. It also helps to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, obesity, and many other things. It is good for adults, children, and the whole family.

    Can I bring my own equipment to an outdoor fitness facility?

    Yes, you may bring your own equipment, such as yoga mats or resistance bands, to enhance your workout experience and cater to your own needs.

    Are outdoor fitness facilities free to use?

    Most outdoor fitness facilities are free and accessible to the public. Although some outdoor gyms have a gym membership fee.

    How can I find outdoor fitness facilities near me?

    Search online or check with your local parks and recreation department for information on a nearby fitness area.

    How do different flooring options in outdoor fitness facilities impact my workout experience?

    Different flooring options such as rubber, turf, and acrylic provide varying levels of cushioning and shock absorption which can influence comfort, safety, and performance during workouts.

    What types of equipment can I find at an outdoor fitness facility?

    Outdoor exercise equipment typically has strength training, cardio, and flexibility exercise stations. Outdoor fitness park equipment usually includes multipurpose machines that focus on a total body workout or street workout equipment that accommodates individuals of any age and targets different muscle groups.

    Are outdoor fitness facilities maintained regularly?

    Maintenance varies by location, but most outdoor fitness equipment and facilities are regularly inspected and maintained for safety and cleanliness.

    Is outdoor fitness equipment suitable for all ages and abilities?

    Yes, outdoor fitness equipment and facilities typically cater to a wide range of ages and fitness levels.

    Can I use outdoor fitness facilities in any weather?

    Many facilities are accessible in various weather conditions, but it's essential to exercise caution and prioritize safety in extreme weather.