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Architectural Design Concept

If you are looking for a design concept, you have come to the right place. Our Bangkok architects can provide a design concept for your home or any other commercial project. No matter the scale of the project, we can deliver outstanding results to you. The architect’s layout forms the base of every construction project.

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There are many different types of architecture and interior design, including

house architecture




urban architecture


office interior design




minimal architecture - house




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Commercial Buildings

Architecture in Thailand

We offer the planning and design of buildings and spaces. Alongside that, we take care of any administrative paperwork on your behalf such as tendering construction bids and contracts, governmental zoning approvals, building codes, and safety standards adherence. Our team of Bangkok architects collaborate with inventive and highly skilled building designers, and together we help our clients to bring their imaginings to life - no matter the scale or type of building structure, from Thai home projects with traditional sleeping areas to soaring skyscrapers, in Bangkok, any region in the kingdom or any part of Asia.
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Architecture Plan

Architectural plans are also significant parts of a project guiding the management and construction of a building. There are many types of plans such as floor plans, plan design, home plan, house plans, building plans and landscape design.

Architecture And Interior Design

Planning Building Schematic Design

Architecture provides an opportunity to not only add beauty and structure to the world but to profoundly improve the conditions for the world, in its people, communities, society, businesses and the environment. We also believe architecture is critically important in addressing the most pressing challenges of our time. Throughout history, architecture has become a representation of society and reflected its values, successes and strifes in various forms of projects. Take for example, monumental edifices across the world, such as the Taj Mahal and the Pyramids of Giza. These architecture projects depict a lot about the people who inhabited the land before our time. At its roots, architecture — and the architects behind the ideas— are here to create the physical environment in which people live and contribute or foster a culture in the community where the project is located.

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Shaping Buildings, Places, And Spaces

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Architecture is more than just creating planning the design and construction of any structure. It's also more than just meeting building codes and requirements in the city of Bangkok, Thailand. Here at Delcoi, our architects create design concepts that give clients a sense of place and space. We consider how each element in the architecture and interior design of the building affects the experience of the clients and fit their needs. We also take into consideration how different features, lighting and technology could impact the functionality and sustainability of a building or house. Like many architecture firms in Bangkok, Thailand, we serve to create a design that gives our clients' projects an edge over their competition. We also give them the power to choose which design and development approach our architect and contractor should take when creating a building or house. This ensures that everything our architects do fit their budget and quality needs.
Bangkok Architecture Firm

Clever Co-Living Projects

Unique Building Projects

Nowadays, you can find co-living spaces in both urban and rural areas. By definition, co-living spaces are where several tenants live under the same roof and walls, with a host who brings them what they need to feel at home. Co-living communities encourage a sustainable lifestyle by making it easy for people to share resources under one roof. It's a great way for people to foster a connection as it encourages face-to-face interaction and a simple daily lifestyle. Residents of co-living spaces often include hardworking professions, entrepreneurs, artists and even architects.

How We Can Help
Design Development

Understanding the various services that an architect service can provide is useful. Making sure that you are getting a service that will be able to obtain building permits is a good start. 

Architects provide a wide variety of services including feasibility studies, architectural programming and project management. Architects also provide a range of other services such as site selection, site selection and construction administration. A number of additional services an architect can provide includes: full-time site representation and full-time site representation.

Here at Delcoi, our team of architects can consult with you during construction and advise you during the project. They can advise you on your choice of a contractor and negotiate the contract between you and the other party. An on-site inspection of the project will determine if construction is proceeding in general accordance with the contract and that the design, materials, and workmanship meet acceptable standards.

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Modern Architecture

We create contemporary, innovative and sustainable structures that fuse form and function with cutting-edge energy-efficiency. Efficiency is a crucial concern of many of our clients, and so our structural engineers and integrated design teams choose high-performance materials to create more cost-efficient buildings. We use energy-efficient mechanical and internal materials, exteriors, along with eco-friendly electrical, water and waste systems. not only will your home or commercial space be aesthetically pleasing but it will be viable and sustainable to maintain over the years.

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Architecture & Design Services from Thailand’s Top Architects

At Delcoi Architects, we believe that great design allows us to grow and learn and that it is something that can sustain us all. We source design inspiration from art, science, history and even philosophy, and for those who encounter our work, we aim to inspire and empower.

A priority for us is building trust with those we work with, whether that be collaborators, our clients and those who will be utilizing spaces we design. We design places aimed at conserving and rejuvenating our Earth as we hold deep responsibility and respect preserve our natural resources. Delcoi Architects strives to make our projects a success, which has led to a high rate of repeat clients, as well as highly valued lifelong relationships.

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    What is architecture?

    Architecture revolves around designing physical buildings and structures. Plans, designs and construction processes of buildings are involved.

    What is interior architecture?

    This type of architecture focuses on the internal formation of a building or space and its functionality. Art and design combine to innovate, adapt or restore the inside of various buildings, such as residential homes, an office building, or public facilities.

    What are the basics of architecture?

    Formulating an idea into the concept, then expressing that into a design that can be followed like a script by others in the construction of the structure. User requirements and needs, the experience to be created, how to utilize light etc. are some of the points that architecture needs to cover when formulating a design.

    What does an architect do?

    Architects are responsible for building plans, designs and also the safety of the buildings. Their play a major role in construction. It's important to carefully search for Bangkok architects with a professional license.

    What services do architects offer?

    Services architects provide include concept design development, construction document preparation and their administration, feasibility studies, programming, managing construction bids, sub-contractor hiring and project management.

    What is the average cost for architecture Thailand?

    Architects' fees vary widely, depending on the project complexity and the architect's experience and reputation.

    Do I need a designer or an architect?

    If you need a home built from scratch, then an architect is the right choice. If you are building in high-density living areas, then you would need someone who specialises in urban design architecture. If you are looking to create or change the inside look of a home or commercial building, then an interior designer would be a suitable option.

    Is it worth hiring an architect?

    A superb design will add value to the finished property and help you achieve the look and function you desire an interior designer is what you may need.

    Do architects actually build?

    Architects have artistic and technical skills to design buildings, they are not builders per se.

    What are building and construction services?

    Building Services of an architecture firm are the electrical, plumbing, and mechanical systems in a building.

    Why do we renovate buildings?

    For enhancing living comfort, functionality, improved energy-efficiency along with improved aesthetics and a more modern style. Architects produce these drawings either by hand or digitally as part of developing an architectural project.

    Do I need an architect to design my house?

    It's worth bringing your dream to reality! Even though the upfront costs of building a house can be higher, it may be easier to get a good return on your investment should you decide to sell it.

    What is the current style of architecture?

    Modernist or contemporary architecture refers to the current style or trend of architecture for this moment and also referred to as modern architecture.

    What defines contemporary architecture?

    21st-century design encompasses different styles including postmodernism and high-tech architecture, along with conceptual and expressive designs, that take their inspiration from sculpture but on an enormous scale.

    Are architecture and engineering the same?

    Architects work on the artistry and design of the building, while engineers focus more on the practical aspects of a building- the technical and structural side can be cheaper.

    What is the famous architecture of Thailand?

    Most, if not all, of remarkable buildings of ancient Thai architecture in this South East Asian country are the temple structures, exhibiting pure or mixtures of Buddhist, Khmer, Indian, Lanna, Sino and European elements of the Thai culture.

    A showcase for ancient or traditional Thai architecture is the Wat Phra Kaew, built in the 18th century, aka the Temple of Emerald Buddha, when Thailand was still the independent Kingdom of Siam. This Buddhist temple mixed foreign and traditional elements and had created a unique architectural beauty.

    Modern Thai architecture has the Baiyoke Tower II in Bangkok, one of the world's tallest buildings, at 343 metres (1126 feet), and the tallest building in Thailand with a tower has a skywalk on the 77th level from which to take in striking views of the city, as well as a hotel set up in 1998 and a shopping complex.

    What influenced Thailand architecture?

    The early Thai architecture materials were wood and thus, have disappeared through time. Natural materials predominated because of the intense tropical climate of Southeast Asia and ancient traditions and ancient principles, except for the Buddhist temples and royal houses and buildings like the Grand Palace. Of what has been preserved in the country, we can see the influence of Indian, Khmer, Burmese and Chinese, as well as European styles, in the evolution of a distinct Thailand architecture.

    The architecture of Thailand is distinct in its bright colors, rich ornamentation and multi-tiered roofs, evident most of all in the temples and palaces.

    What are Thai houses called?

    Traditional stilt houses in the architecture of Thailand for a completed house are built following three ancient principles, namely: material preparation, construction and dwelling.

    Stilt houses are the most common structures for residence in Thailand. Constructed of natural materials, the high gable roof has a sun-shaped halo in the center, with space to allow smoke from cooking to exit, from which projects long overhanging eaves as protection from sun and rain. Outside is a wide terrace used in the summer. On the ground area beneath the house and supported by columns of poles is a storage space for tools or agricultural equipment, parking, dining area and other activities, common to Thai tradition and culture.

    There are variations in each of the regions in the design and materials used. These regional differences in constructed structures of residence are examples of the cultural differentiations that merged into their own identifiable culture.

    What country has the coolest architecture?

    A number of sites have listed the following areas with top architecture projects. St. Petersburg in Russia for Rococo, Brasilia, Brazil for Futurism, a branch of Modernism, Athens, Greece for Classical, Budapest, Hungary for Art Nouveau, Rome, Italy for Baroque, Hanoi, Vietnam for French Colonial, Miami, Florida for Art Deco, Florence, Italy for Renaissance, Istanbul Turkey for Byzantine and Ottoman, and Dubai, United Arab Emirates for Contemporary.