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Replica Furniture


Buying furniture can be a huge financial commitment that many may not be ready to make. However, that doesn't mean you can't experience new and beautiful furniture in your home. The advancements in technology have now allowed homeowners to purchase replica furniture without breaking the bank. Unlike some authentic products, replica furniture uses various materials to make it more tolerant to weather changes. This means it may last longer than most authentic items. Additionally, this type of furniture can also give many clients shopping for a collection instant gratification at an affordable price.
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Outdoor Furniture

Durability And Functionality

When shopping for outdoor furniture, many are likely going to look for characteristics that are valued in indoor furnishings, such as tables, chairs and sofas. While indoor furniture offer durability and style, these factors may not be enough to hold up against weather changes outside homes.
Before you decide on furniture to fill your outdoor spaces, it's important to understand how well the materials used align with your surrounding environment and with your personal preference and price point.
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LED Lighting Fixtures

Affordable Lighting Solution

LED technology currently offers the highest quality lighting solution available in the market. These products are a great investment and could be extremely beneficial for houses in Bangkok. For one, LED lights are durable and cost-effective. Switching to this type of bulb allows clients to reduce their energy costs by 80%. Unlike traditional bulbs, LED bulbs also don't put out UV rays. LED bulbs are also available in strip lights, which could give hotels, houses, offices and just about any room a certain ambiance.
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Space-Saving Furniture Pieces

Experience Multi-Functional Designs

Improving the storage space in your house, living room or office can help you reduce clutter and create a modern and attractive space. A Delcoi interior designer can help you customize or select a multi-functional furniture piece from a wide selection of products available to better meet your storage needs.
With the right furniture and design, you can fully utilize the space available in your place, making it feel more welcoming.
At home, swapping out a lounge chair for a sleeper couch can instantly give you an additional bed for a guest. In the office, replacing traditional desks with extendable tables can give your workers more space should they need it.

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    What does furniture design mean?

    It is a specialized field where one or a team of designers create furnishing or accessories combining important aspects of interior design, which are function and fashion. These creations aim to add functionality and practicality to any place while also improving the look and personality to reflect the life and ideas in the mind of the client.

    How to find modern furniture in Bangkok, Thailand?

    If you are considering upgrading your home decor or furniture in Bangkok, many suggest heading to the Chatuchak Weekend Market. Located next to JJ Mall, this place is brimming with some of the best furniture in Bangkok, Thailand.

    Here, you can find replica furniture, a collection of accessories and a wide range of decorations. Some shops also feature a variety of d├ęcor objects for your garden, kitchen and other living areas.

    How much does custom furniture cost?

    In Bangkok, getting custom furniture made is best done by a company or a design team to ensure the quality of your pieces. Prices can vary a lot and can go anywhere between 100,000 to 1,000,000 THB.

    How do you choose the right type of furniture?

    There are so many options to choose from when buying furniture, but there are certain factors you can take into account to make your decision easier.

    These factors include: sticking to the budget, selecting a design theme or aesthetic before shopping, looking for high-quality materials and getting advice from a furniture or interior designer.

    Why do we need space-saving furniture in Bangkok?

    Multi-functional furniture helps reduce clutter inside a house. Some multi-functional furniture also provides spaces where you can store items, allowing you to keep clutter at bay, which in turn makes rooms feel more inviting.

    Some multi-functional furniture can also save you money as it can remove the need to purchase a wide selection of furniture. For example, you can replace a coffee table with an ottoman, which can provide extra storage and double up as extra seating.

    Is it cheaper to make your own furniture?

    Some people say DIY or custom furniture is more expensive. While it is true, there is also an argument to be made about it. If you are buying furnishings that use cheap materials, you may need to buy another one in the next two years. Over time, cheap, store-bought pieces are likely to cost you more.

    What are Italian chairs?

    Italian furnishing is known for its traditional look, rich textures, and ornate carvings. Modern variations of these furnishings are sleek and clean, with many featuring asymmetrical lines.

    These types of furnishing is characterized by solid colors as its finish, which may include puro white, black or bold red. Others without a finish often don a fine leather material as covering.

    How do you become a furniture designer?

    In Bangkok, Thailand and anywhere in the world, furniture designers are professional artists who create and design furnishings to be used and enjoyed at home or in offices.

    Furniture makers often earn a bachelor's degree to work with large corporations and interior design firms. Their studies provide them with a comprehensive technical background in woodworking, studio art and construction. This gives them the skills to design or redesign a piece of furniture, such as a chair, table, beds and even drawers and clocks.

    What skills do you need to be a furniture designer?

    Furniture designers focus on improving their creativity and technical skills. This includes design skills sketching ability and an eye for patterns and colors. Like an interior designer, a furniture designer needs to understand the layout, space plans, plot drawings and know how to use 3-D design software.

    Where can I buy second-hand furniture in Bangkok?

    There are plenty of second-hand stores scattered all around the capital, stocking everything from books to furniture. One of the most popular places people go to is the (un)Fashion Vintage Collection shop, which sells Italian, American and European vintage items.

    What is multi-functional kitchen furnishing?

    One popular kitchen furnishing is a simple bookcase that could easily be dismantled to form a table with two chairs. The dimension of the product also fits a small kitchen nicely.

    What colors are trending for furniture?

    In 2020, designers took on braver and brighter color trends. This year, experts are turning to color trends that turn a home into a place of safety, comfort and calm.

    For the year 2021, furniture designs in jewel tones and deep hues are growing in popularity. There is also a lot of ideas coming from nature and wood, with home accessories taking on vivid greens and brown tones.

    What do furniture designers do?

    Furniture designers are responsible for designing and creating different pieces using a set of techniques to create furnishing that reflects the styles and beauty of the client's place.

    Furniture designers are also tasked with researching and planning a collection of furniture design styles for clients who want custom orders.

    Why is custom-made furniture is better than a mass-produced alternative?

    When some hear "DIY" or "custom" pieces, they think of "poorly constructed" products. In reality, many DIY pieces are actually more durable than those bought from stores. This is because when you DIY, you can choose to add extra supports and additional brackets to the project. You can also choose to work with real wood instead of the laminated variation.

    What are multi-functional beds?

    One popular multi-functional bed is the Atlantis ottoman TV bed. This piece is an elegant bed that has a place for users to store clothes and other items beneath. It also has a hidden compartment along the foot of the bed where you can store a TV.