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Pexels Burak Kebapci 1098982

Office Glass Door

The era of the modern office design concept dawned on the Gone are the days of stuffy old traditional offices where all the lighting in the building came from artificial sources determined to give you a headache. Instead, we are moving into the era of natural light and modern design. This means significant savings on electricity bills, healthier employees, and an overall brighter and better mood for the workday. Luckily there are a variety of options available for fresh new ideas.

world some time ago and is now quickly reaching its crux. Modern office designs are ever-popular, and employees are beginning to shy away from clinical traditional office spaces. This means that employers must adapt to maintain their top talent and client base.

Are you looking to change your office layout? Do you want to upgrade your office space? Do you need to find an innovative and exciting way to coax your employees back into an office space away from home?

Let's see if we can help you with that.
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Pexels Max Vakhtbovych 7511753

Glass Office Doors

Although some buildings still predominantly have drywall separating offices, there is an increased demand for glass office doors. This allows for more natural light to flow throughout the building, and it creates a more open feel that unites a workforce.

Choosing glass doors also opens up some great options to choose from. In today's world, old-fashioned swing doors are by far not our only option, especially when it comes to glass doors. There are also a variety of colors that we can choose from. White is no longer the go-to.

Glass Door Options

We need to consider several factors when deciding which type of glass door we want to use as our office doors. The style will depend on our individual needs.

How much privacy do you need? Do we need visual privacy as well as acoustic privacy? What kind of access do you need among rooms? Do you want the doors to be quiet, or is some sound acceptable? These are all things you need to consider before deciding on a style.

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Glass Pocket Doors

Glass pocket doors are a popular option for smaller floor space where space saving is necessary. They offer a clean style that allows light to flow freely but works differently from a traditional door. They slide neatly away and tuck out of sight, making them great for spaces requiring flexibility.

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Sliding Doors

Sliding doors made of glass and metal have been around for a while now, and we are somewhat accustomed to seeing them in homes, but perhaps not so much in offices. However, they are a significant element to incorporate if you are low on space. Not only do they save space by now swinging open, but they can make a space seem bigger just because they are made of glass and create the illusion of space. Popular options for their trim colors are white and black, but there is room for other colors in the modern office.

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French Doors

French doors are a great option if you want to make a statement. They are more suited to larger office spaces and can be framed with either metal or wood. French doors are a good option for both interior doors and exterior doors, and they can lend themselves to both a modern and traditional finish.

Traditionally French doors were frames in white trims or simple wood trims, but that is also evolving, and the world is slowly moving away from incorporating too much white into office spaces. Unfortunately, it can lead to eye fatigue feelings of isolation.

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Clear Glass Doors

Clear glass doors are suitable for shared spaces where employees need a little bit of privacy but do not necessarily need it in abundance. It extends the illusion of floor space and ceiling and can make a room look much bigger than it necessarily is.

Clear glass doors are a popular option when you have one large room that needs to be divided into two rooms, one way or another. They allow for the free flow of light but do not much to protect from sound. You also have the option of having them fitted with frames or fitted without frames.

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Frosted Glass Doors

Frosted glass doors can be an excellent alternative to clear doors if you are concerned about privacy. Frosted glass still allows for some light to enter but reduces glare from direct sunlight. Frosted glass is popular for exterior and interior doors, and frosted glass can be used on both sliding or French doors and any other kind of glass door.

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Acoustic Double Glaze Doors

This type of door offers a little bit more privacy than even frosted glass doors do. There is protection against sound pollution and sound sharing in this type of door, and there is space between the two panes of glass for blinds to add that bit of extra privacy. This will also give more flexibility than wood does.

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Alex Perz Ysgeloy T0c Unsplash


The primary purpose of a glass door in an office is usually associated with allowing light to flow freely throughout a building as far as possible. However, we are rapidly moving away from relying on artificial lighting and increasing our access to natural light sources.

Incorporating natural lighting into our daily lives increases Vitamin D, which is a mood lifter. It makes it easier for us to rest and recover after a long day's work, helps to regulate our Circadian Rhythms, and creates an overall lighter and more cheerful feeling in an office.

Glass office doors help greatly with light filtration throughout an office space. They also lend themselves to a modern style. If you find yourself still low on the lighting, you could also consider some sunroofs in the ceiling of your office.
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Pexels Taryn Elliott 6183136

Home Offices

Glass doors can also be a good option for home offices, especially if the office threatens the flow of light throughout the home. Glass doors would offer a pleasing aesthetic and a cost-effective solution.

Furthermore, glass is easily paired with either metal or wood and works with most colors. As a result, they offer a great complement to any office style and provide space-saving solutions to smaller spaces.
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Nastuh Abootalebi Ywwob8kwock Unsplash

Design Ideas

The way technology is going in the modern world, we can get just about anything and everything etched into a piece of glass. Incorporating this into your plans can enhance the aesthetics of your office space quite impressively.

It is pretty popular to have company logos etched into glass doors. But there are also a variety of other options to choose from.

You would also be able to decide whether you want the doors to run on a track where they can be stored out of sight or whether you want them permanently on display. You can also decide how much light you want them to filter at any given time.
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The Blowup 9vbaaqylvwc Unsplash

Electronic Transition Doors

A popular newer piece of technology allows you to electronically switch glass from clear to frosted, which is a great modern solution to a problem that seasonal changes create. It also means that you can choose when you want your glass doors open or closed and not rely on light levels to decide that for you.

This is an excellent complement to tech companies and shows that it is open to new waves of the initiative.
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Pexels Linkedin Sales Navigator 1251842

Easy to Clean

Office doors are understandably touched relatively often, which makes them a prime surface through which diseases spread. Glass offers an excellent surface for office doors because it is so easy to clean.

Wood tends to be quite porous, which traps microbes in, but a glass door can easily be wiped down with soapy water or a disinfectant. It is also easier to keep any white fittings on a glass door clean and maintain the original design as they will not wear as quickly as a wood door.

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