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Hotel & Retail Shop Design in Thailand

As is the case with almost all businesses, the appeal of a store that attracts customers is in its appearance and atmosphere. A hotel, outlet, or boutique with well-designed storefronts would attract a lot more walk-ins and curious buyers. A makeover or a renovation would add an element of modern beauty to your store or hospitality business that begins with its outside appearance and ends with the experience within, encouraging and inviting new curious customers.

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Brand Driven Interior Design

For Restaurants & Grocery Stores

The primary requirement for such a business is that it appears as an organized, clean and spacious area. Its design, both exterior and interior design, should cast reassurance and convenience at the same time. From product placement to ingenious presentation, a well-designed restaurant or shop can make your customer feel more comfortable and trusting. For restaurants, it is essential to consider kitchen design. Kitchen layouts need to be uncluttered and functional with all of the equipment that chefs need to do their jobs effectively. An easy to navigate and fully functional kitchen is essential to a restaurant’s success. For a small restaurant design, a well-functioning interior design can make a huge impact on your bottom line. A small space doesn’t need to feel cramped. Interior designers can help you to plan your interior design layout and maximize function whilst creating the ambience you are looking for.

Innovative Cafe Interiors

For Coffee Shops

Why do people go to coffee shops? Why do they have favourites that they frequent all the time? It isn't just the taste of the coffee, it is the vibe and interior setting that keep people coming. The interiors, how they're presented and the concept that they're built on go a long way in ensuring delightful caffeine enthusiasts would be coming back for more.
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Hospitality Design Service

For Hotels & Resorts

Hospitality interior design is a huge undertaking with a lot of variables to consider. Your space will be the object of a guest's Instagram selfie, and a hotel's interior design along with services and amenities will be the catalyst for their positive reviews and pleasant experience. The appeal of hospitality businesses in the eyes of any customer is the style of the decoration, the beauty of the design and how it makes them feel when they are interacting within the space. What drives the commercial success of a resort, invoking captivating guest experiences that also serve to elevate the resort and its location as a brand. When working on resort design, it's useful to draw influences and inspiration from the local environment which includes the landscape, people and their culture. When considering designs of resort spas, the purpose is to create an environment that instantly invites customers to relax and unwind. To invoke a feeling of tranquillity, they need to step into a harmonious space. The spa interior design, involving layout, interior designers use color tones, and furnishings to help set the mood and determine the customer's experience.
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Showrooms need to assert comfort, professionalism, efficiency and highlight presentation which can be supported through a branded commercial interior design. Potential and existing customers decision-making will be influenced by how products are presented and how well represented the brand is in your showroom interior design. Our interior designers can work with you to ensure that your showroom or studio interior design will elevate your brand and products.
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What's the difference between an interior decorator and interior designer?

Interior design is the art and science of understanding people's behavior to create functional spaces within a building, while interior decorating is the furnishing or adorning of a space with decorative elements to achieve a certain aesthetic. In short, interior designers may decorate, but decorators do not design.

How to design a shop?

Clever shop design decisions will influence whether you make a sale or not. Does your shop best highlight your products and elevate your brand? Is it inviting and does it influence customers to spend more time browsing and buying? These are good questions to ask when thinking about shop design.

How do you design a shop interior?

Each element of your retail store interior design is telling a story to your customer. the acting plot of your story. Designing a retail outlet requires a focus on your merchandise and its interaction with your customers. The idea is to create a fusion.

Why retail store design is important?

Retail design helps to tell the brand and product storyline, educate consumers about collections, with the ultimate goal of making the items on display more desirable.

How do you make a shop look more welcoming?

Let form follow function. Create a space that encourages shopping and invites your customers to explore and discover things to buy.

How do you make a small shop look bigger?

Light and neutral colours and furnishings. Mirrors reflect light and give the illusion of a bigger space. Use accent walls and focal points. Color blocking also helps customers eyes to navigate the space. Use cleverly designed space-saving displays.

What is retail interior design?

Retail interior design is about attracting customers and influencing them to actually spend their time and money in your store.

How can I decorate my retail store?

Each element of your retail store interior design is telling a story to your customer. the acting plot of your story. Designing a retail outlet requires a focus on your merchandise and its interaction with your customers. The idea is to create a fusion.

How much does it cost to renovate a store?

Larger stores normally cost less than and smaller stores.

How to design a restaurant?

Create your signature design concept by combining your personality with the needs of your target customers.

How do you renovate a restaurant?

Do your research and create your design concept by combining your vision, personality and functionality with the needs of your target customers. Then determine your budget. Look for an architect, designer and contractor.

How long does a restaurant renovation take?

The average restaurant remodel can take 6-8 weeks to complete which means that you will need to close for at least part of that time if not all of the time.

How much do hotel interior designers charge?

The pricing of a hotel interior design project is various. An interior designer can charge

What is a hotel renovation?

It is a process of updating hotel property to meet the changing needs of the target market and improving outdated or damaged premises.

Why do hotels renovate?

Given competitiveness in the hotel industry, they need to remain up to standards, maintaining a fresh design and enhanced comfort along with the latest technology.

How often do hotels renovate?

On average, it's recommended that hotels should renovate every three years. But the easiest way to determine when renovations are required is if facilities are starting to look worn or dated, then there is a need for an upgrade in order to maintain competitiveness and revenue.

How much does it cost to design hotels?

The price varies and depends on a few things including the objective of your project, your hotel's location, and scope of the design work.