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Why You Should Consider Home Renovation 

Home renovation is about customizing your living space to increase its function, comfort and your overall enjoyment. You may consider updating your bathroom or kitchen design, improving the energy-efficiency or adding additional rooms to respond to your growing need for more space. Home renovations can also help increase your home’s value should you decide to sell it in the future.

Compared to commercial interior design, working with homes and residential spaces is a more personal process that requires strong communication. As living spaces and residences, these projects must be designed to fit your style of preference, colours of choice and above all go far in creating a comfortable environment that reflects your tastes.

Our house renovation Bangkok team are here to support your renovation project from the initial planning stage right through to the final touches. We can cater to jobs of all sizes and styles- whether it be an entire modern house design upgrade or room interior design, or anything else in between.

home renovation & house design thailand


Kitchen Design








Kitchen Design


room design






kitchen & minimal house design ideas



House interior designs are the art of turning a space into a comfortable and inspiring space. Every interior designer knows that utility, convenience and style merge together for comfortable and appealing kitchen designs. The goal is to create a scene that perfectly brings countertops, tiles, cabinets, fixtures and other accessories together.



Remodel your bathroom, better utilize the space, modernize and improve its energy-efficiency.
living room & house design Bangkok
living room & house design Bangkok



The living room should be at the ideal level of functional comfort in its design. As the space where we spend most time and where we make the majority of our family memories, there's a certain atmosphere that the interior decor needs to set, and a range of options that go beyond the basics of residential interior design.
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Bedrooms and personal quarters need to project a calm and relaxing ambience through the design. Interior designers all agree that the placement of the furniture, the location of windows, the closet and wall-mounted art must paint a bigger picture of tranquillity.



Many apartment and condo dwellers complain that they have insufficient space and wish they could have a more spacious feel to their condo design. There are several interior changes that can be made to create the illusion of more spaciousness and natural light. Carefully choosing furniture pieces that can double-up as storage can also improve the amount of space you have and keep it from looking cluttered. Talk to us about your condo decorating ideas!
Landscape design



The landscape architecture of a home and garden says a lot about the building and its inhabitants to the outside world. We provide residential designs that include trees and garden plots, pathways and decorative pieces making for a charming aesthetic to enjoy from the window or from being in the outdoor garden space itself. For fitness enthusiasts, our team can create outdoor activated spaces to suit their needs. Upgrading a garden can add enjoy and value to a house.
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What is a residential interior design?

Creating functional and artistic spaces that please and bring living comfort to the users is the main key to residential interior designs. A home interior designer is a skilled professional in this art.

Why is residential design important?

Using both technical skills combined with creativity, residential designers develop plans to improve the functionality of homes with the goal of meeting the needs of the people using it. It requires good planning and vision

What is conceptual design?

Conceptual design is an early phase of the design process using illustrations or models to articulate the form and function of a concept.

What does home renovation include?

A home renovation includes painting, flooring, and furniture upgrading or rearrangement. It is basically structural rebuilding.

Where do I start when renovating a house?

Successful house renovation is the result of solid planning. Begin with making a budget and sticking to it. Be realistic- work out costs for each room you wish to renovate, then add it all up to see if you can afford it. Don't forget to factor in unexpected costs as a contingency, so add an extra 10-20% to your initial budget for that. Make sure the work you want to do is authorized and gains consent from the relevant authorities. Devise a schedule of works for your home renovation which lists the order of works and tasks to be carried out. Then source the best contractors for your project and get some insurance just in case.

What's the difference between remodeling and renovation?

There is a distinction, although people often get mixed up with these terms. To remodel means to change the appearance, structure, or function of something such as a building or a room and improve upon the existing layout or design. To renovate, means to restore or repair an existing structure, thus replacing the old with the new.

Is it worth renovating a house?

Home renovation not only increases your home value but also upgrades living comfort.

Is renovating a condo worth it?

If you are going to be living there then a condo renovation can be worth it as it allows you to bring in your style and taste into the design, creating a very personal living space. Should you decide to sell it in the future, it will help you with getting a return on your investment, especially if the condo is in better shape than others in the building.

Do I need a designer or an architect?

If you need a building to be built then you will need an architect. If a structure is already built and you are looking to change the internal aspects of the building then an interior designer is what you may need.

What does a landscape architect do?

Landscape architects plan and design outdoor public spaces as well as the restoration of natural environments impacted by people such as forests and wetlands. They are skilled in dealing with challenges such as solving elevation problems, drainage systems, where to place retaining walls, car parks, walkways etc.

Do I need an architect to design my house?

In general, architects are the most qualified people to design a home. A draftsman can draw up technical plans and blueprints for builders but they lack the technical and design skills that an architect possesses.

Can I draw my own house plans?

It is possible can create your own house plan, but it recommended to seek professional assistance so your house design is conveyed accurately.

Who designs floor plans?

A floor plan is a building map showing the internal arrangement of a structure with regard to its external walls and the wider environment. Architects produce these drawings either by hand or digitally as part of developing an architectural project.

How do you design condominium interiors?

It is suggested that keeping your space organized and tidy is one of the most important essentials of condominium interior design. Too much furniture makes the room messy and closed in, minimising space and light. Translucent materials create a feeling of openness. Glass tops on tables and strategically placed mirrors can make the room look and feel more spacious and reflect more light. An interior design can offer you more ideas.

How to design my room?

Search for room ideas or home ideas before starting designing your own room.

How do I choose furniture for my house?

After you have finalized your ideas and needs. Look at the current architecture of your home. Choose furniture that matches with the theme and increases value for your house.

How stressful is renovating a house?

Home renovation is always a time consuming and stressful process no matter how perfect your ideas are. But it is guaranteed that you will get your dream home.

Is it more expensive to remodel or build?

Remodelling can be cheaper but once you start pulling things apart, you might discover costly unanticipated challenges. Generally speaking, new construction can be cheaper.

How much should I spend to remodel my house?

It depends on your plans. If you are planning to stay in your home for at least 5 years or more, invest what you can afford in the upgrades and the look that you want. However, if you’re planning to sell, you are best advised to take a different approach. When doing your figures, focus on getting back the maximum return on your investment.

How much does it cost to renovate a room?

The cost depends on what you want to do, how complex the job is and water materials and labor is required.